Wednesday, April 25, 2007

george w. can't dance

Stupid birds,
Singing in the dark.

The clouds travel fast in the
Virgin blue sky so that
There is a low, stormy ceiling spanning the earth.
That makes me feel extra safe.
As if I’m in a house within a house and
No one can get to me.

I have an atlas.
There are circles drawn around many of the cities,
Scattered in all directions, throughout the entire world,
– mostly big cities where it’s easy to disappear.
There are many circles. Thousands, at least.
I am looking for somewhere to go where
I can sit quietly and not be bothered.
In fact, it would be nice if the rest of the world and I could
Just Ignore each other.

I want anonymity. I want apathy.
Life! and then we leave this world without a sound.

The weather is kooky, even for Iowa. Some people I know say it's the beginning of the end. I think the end began a long time ago.
When are we going to find an alternate form of energy? When are we going to be able to buy cars that don't run on gasoline? The car companies might as well get on that because one of these days the oil's going to be gone anyway. Then what? Are we all just going to stand around, wondering how we're going to make our cars go? They whine now about the expense. The expense of research and building prototypes, etc. Human beings are so short-sighted that sometimes I'm embarrassed for our species.
In other news, my landlord is trying to convince me to stay in my current building. One of his tactics was to take me around and show me all of the remodeling projects that they're "just about ready to start." Of cou
rse, they were all of the same "near future" remodeling projects he showed me before I moved in last year. Basically, he was telling me, "If you don't leave here, you get to stare at all of this unfinished work for another year." Sweet. It's cool that you hire your friends to work on this building (including one guy's thirteen-year-old son) rather than actual professionals. Hey, I don't need electricity that works or a flushing toilet. Amenities make one weak.

Sheep ninjas.

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